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Distractions cost American businesses $650 billion per year.*

*Research by Udemy

Keynote speaker, Greg Dwyer understands the enormous cost of distractions to businesses.
Through his interactive keynotes he inspires teams to focus in ways that boost productivity and creativity.

Inspiring Focus Through Interactive Keynotes

Organisations around the world follow Greg’s powerful frameworks to unlock their Diamond Mind Potential™ and:





The art of distraction meets the science of focus.

If you’re looking for a keynote or breakout speaker that leaves your team members with personal ‘aha’ moments of realisation on how they can shift their focus for the greater good of your organisation - contact Greg right now.

Greg Dwyer is about leadership, about being a master connector.
Jeffery Combs Golden Mastermind
I have never seen a performer hold the audience in the palm of his hand the way Greg did.
Michael Rosen Split Rock
He is the real deal and has excellent content.
Peter Mingilis PM Marketing

How much is distraction costing you, and your company?


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